Letters to Timothy (a Handbook for Pastors)

by John R. Bisagno

John Bisagno has spent more than fifty years in the ministry, thirty-five in the pastoral office. In the book he shares practical advice with young and inexperienced pastors. Young pastors who follow his advice may save themselves many headaches and heartaches. This book can certainly qualify as a pastor's manual.

The pastor performs many functions. He most often is a husband, father, and leader of his home. He is a preacher and teacher of God's Word. He is an organizational leader. He must promote financial giving. He must oversee promotion and publicity. Sometimes in his career he must lead his congregation in a building program.

He visits hospitals and shut-ins. He comforts the dying and the grieving. He conducts funerals. He counsels those who want to be married and those who have emotional conflicts. And he conducts weddings.

He is a theologian who explains God's Word that allows personal application. He invites the lost to receive Christ in the church invitation. He administers the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper.

There are practical things he must oversee: greeting guests, parking, allocation of space, recruitment of teachers and the music program. He also must provide Christian education for all age groups: children, young people, adults, senior adults and vacation Bible school.

The author gives sound biblical advice on all these subjects and many others. The subtitle of this book might be, "What They Never Taught Me in Seminary."

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