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Truth and Presentation

I Received my first "glossy" edition of Pulpit Helps! If you had a choice between more articles and "glossy", my vote would be for more articles. The Church is in serious decline-pastors are in serious trouble-the printed page is often the only source of help and encouragement for many.

In other words, reading the truth is more important than how the truth is presented or looks on the page. Keep up the good work!

Wayne J. Edwards
Mature Ministries
Martin, Ga.


I've seen some changes since I started receiving Pulpit Helps. There were those big loose two-page groupings from cover to cover (like newspapers) to the smaller magazine format and so on, until today, and what a wonderful surprise to get my Pulpit Helps with such a neat, high gloss, smooth cover page. I'm glad to see such changes in such a great publication.

Thanks again,
T. P. Sambrano
Clovis, N.M.

Dear Editor,

Greetings in His Name. Just a word to congratulate you and the staff for the great enhancement of your magazine this month, with better paper, better and useful articles for the ministry and missions. It stands equal to any other Christian magazine with its all around quality, forthright biblical message, and attractiveness in this highly competitive field.

In Christ Jesus,
William R. Le Roy,
Pres. of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions
Lancaster, Pa.


I like the crisp new look of Pulpit Helps. Kudos to your great graphic designer, Lisa Bluford.

Victor Knowles
Founder & President, Peace on Earth Ministries (POEM)
Joplin, Mo.


The new glossy design for Pulpit Helps looks great! I have but one regret, I did not send something to go in it.

Franklin Kirksey
Spanish Fort, Ala.


This morning I just read your synopsis of postmodernism ("Taken Captive, part 6", April 2009). Thanks for a clear and balanced view of the modernism/postmodernism and how we as the Church have Jesus to look to for truth. Appreciate you helping the Church to not just be reactionary on this one-something I unfortunately see time and time again. Now to just follow the Spirit as we navigate these interesting days ahead!

Peace to you,
Duane Sherman
Marengo, Ill.

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