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Quotes on Giving

To generous souls every task is noble.


I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give. I am afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare.

C. S. Lewis

If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.

Robert South

God judges what we give by what we keep.

George Mueller

Make all you can; save all you can; give away all you can.

John Wesley

It's not what you do with the million

If fortune should ere be your lot,

But what are you doing at present

With the dollar and quarter you've got?

Author unknown
Thanks to Ted Matamis,
asnoteftb@comcast.net, for this selection

You can never conquer sin with an excuse.

The Fountain

God's truth is the best protection against Satan's lies.

The Fountain

Before we can pray, "Lord, Thy kingdom come," we must be willing to pray, "My kingdom go."

Alan Redpath via The Fountain

Gossip is the quickest way to move dirt.

The Church Mouse

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Golda Meir via Timeless Treasures

I have had more trouble with myself than with anyone else I know.

D.L. Moody via Quick Quotes for Church Bulletins

God creates out of nothing. Therefore, until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him.

Martin Luther via Topical Encyclopedia of Living Quotations

Every story of conversion is the story of a blessed defeat.

C.S. Lewis via Topical Encyclopedia of Living Quotations

God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
via The Fountain

Returning good for good is commendable. Returning good for evil is Christlike.

Our Daily Bread

Doing the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about His plans.

George MacDonald via The Fountain

The only place prayer fails is when we expect God to do things for us which He has chosen to do through us.

Quick Quotes for Church Bulletins

He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass

George Herbert via Timeless Treasures

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

The Fountain

He that would be angry and sin not must not be angry with anything but sin.

Thomas Secker
via Topical Encyclopedia of Living Quotations

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