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Pray: Haiti Still Digging Out from Harsh Storm Season-Mission News Network reports that the already struggling country of Haiti is only beginning to recover from a series of four tropical storms and hurricanes this year. The storms left nearly a million people homeless, and many are still without permanent shelter or food and water supplies.

Jonathon Wiles with Living Water International says, "They do have clean water but not nearly enough for the people who are there now. We're going into those areas to repair wells that were either broken down before the hurricane, or were broken down during the hurricane, and restoring the water supply so that people can have clean water."

The country had already been hit by the global food crisis, and some in the poorest regions have resorted to eating "clay cakes" to stifle their hunger.

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Pray: Hindu extremists attack Pentecostal church in Mumbai-A group of radical Hindus attacked a Pentecostal church in Bhayander (Mumbai), destroying furniture and equipment, beating its clergyman and worshipers, and launching accusations that they are involved in converting people to Christianity.

Around 12.30 pm on Nov. 14, a group of 20 from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a Hindu fundamentalist organization, stormed the Church of God in Bhayander, close to the Navghar police station.

According to eyewitness accounts, the hoodlums forced their way into the church shouting Hindu slogans. After claiming to be from the VHP, they said they had information that conversions took place in that church. They then shouted vulgarities and insults and began beating those present. They manhandled the church's pastor, Rev Felix Fernandes, shoving and pushing him around, stripped and beat him senseless, leaving him unconscious in the street.

Monsignor Percival Fernandes, Roman Catholic bishop of Mumbai, said that this uncalled for attack was a "terrorist" act.

This is the first time that a church has been attacked in Mumbai since last August when a wave of violence hit Christians, first in the state of Orissa and then other Indian states (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisghar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala).

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Praise/Pray: Laos Officials Release Christians from Stocks, but Crackdown Continues-Compass Direct News reports that Laos officials have released three prisoners from Boukham village, Savannakhet province, after several weeks of detention, but restrictions on Christian worship in the village are still in force.

Pastor Sompong Supatto, 32, and two other believers, Boot Chanthaleuxay, 18, and Khamvan Chanthaleuxay, also 18, were released on Oct. 16 against the wishes of the village chief, who had threatened to hand Supatto a life sentence at a maximum-security prison.

Authorities had temporarily arrested Supatto and four other believers on July 20 for "believing and worshiping God." When they continued to gather for worship, police arrested Supatto and two members of the Chanthaleuxay family on Aug. 3, detaining them in handcuffs and wooden foot-stocks in the nearby Ad-Sapangthong district police detention cell.

The village has also threatened to expel all 55 Christians within it, although that has not yet happened.

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Brazil Churches Conduct Massive Outreach-My Hope Brazil launched one of the largest evangelism efforts ever Thursday through Saturday, joining forces with thousands of Brazilian churches to sponsor prime time television specials, according to a press release by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, of which My Hope Brazil is a part. The Thursday evening special featured Brazilian soccer superstar Kak sharing his testimony of hope and faith in Jesus Christ, reaching millions of Brazilians.

More than 48,000 churches participated by inviting neighbors, relatives, and friends to view the programs, and more than 850,000 homes participated by following the disciple Matthew's example of inviting others in to hear Jesus. Translated messages from Billy and Franklin Graham also featured during the programs

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