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Preserving the Message

In 2003 and 2004, Pulpit Helps was nice enough to print articles that I had written on a new method of evangelism. Several pastors, including one in the Philippines, contacted me about this method.

In October 2005, I received a letter from a pastor in Myanmar requesting information. He shared that he had been given a copy of the July 2003 issue of Pulpit Helps that had my address in it. For over two years, God had preserved this paper and sent it half-way around the world.

Now, in October 2008, I received a phone call from a pastor in Jamaica requesting information which I was glad to end. He had also gotten my name from Pulpit Helps . . . over four years later.

I continue to send information on "Intentional Invitational Witnessing" to anyone who will use it to bring glory to God by reaching the lost. Praise the Lord for protecting His Word and thank you to Pulpit Helps!

Wayne Nix
Pittsburg, TX

Editor's follow-up: Wayne frequently contributes illustrations and articles for use in the magazine. If you would like to contact him, please write to 1802 FM 2057, Pittsburg, TX 75686.


Turning the World Upside Down

Amen to Justin Lonas' article in the November issue, "Taken Captive". Though God has ordained both the government and the church, they have distinct purposes. And though it is good to work at doing what we can morally for our country through governmental processes, the church must not depend on any government to fulfill its Great Commission purpose.

As Erwin Lutzer wrote in his book, Why the Cross Can Do What Politics Can't, the fact is that the disciples and their followers had all of our national woes times ten; and yet without any political base, without a voting bloc in the Roman Senate, and without as much as one sympathetic Roman emperor, they changed their world, turning it upside down' as Luke the historian put it (Acts 17:1-6)".

Pastor Aaron de Neui
Cedar Creek Church, Hayfield, MN

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