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Pray: Violence Continues to Force Christian Exodus from Mosul, Iraq-Mission News Network reports that the exodus from the city of Mosul continues after a church was bombed Oct. 14, yet another incident in a string of violent attacks against the city's Christians. To date, nearly 1,500 Christian families have fled the city in spite of police reinforcements to contain the violence. According to Iraqi officials, families remain frightened by a series of killings and numerous threats by Islamic extremists in recent weeks. Some reports trace the violence as a response to recent Christian demonstrations for adequate representation on provincial councils.

Christians are sending desperate text messages to SAT-7, a satellite television service for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa The station then disseminates the messages on screen. Many of the messages ask for prayer for the terrorists, "that they would have a Pauline experience'-that instead of being persecutors, they would become lovers of Jesus through what's happened."

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Pray: Kazakhstan Takes Next Step in Passing Restrictive Religion Law-Kazakhstan's lower house of parliament passed a draconian law regulating the practice of religion on Sept. 24.

An analysis of the law showed it would be a severe setback for religious freedom in the country by making it more difficult for religious believers and organizations to register, function legally, and worship. Among other things, the law would require the state to review the religious beliefs of communities, ban all unregistered activity and make it impossible for groups that work in multiple locations to register.

Even more alarming, children would need written permission to participate in any religious youth activity, and believers would only be able to share their beliefs in public places with the consent of all citizens present.

This comes as Kazakhstan is due to assume the chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010, a group that monitors how well its members uphold human rights.

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Praise: Fireproof' Opens Fourth at Box Office-The latest release from Sherwood Baptist Church's (Albany, Ga.) media arm, Fireproof, took the no. 4 spot at the box office this weekend, despite opening in just 800 theaters nationwide. The Christian Post reports that the latest film from the makers of Facing the Giants had the second highest grossing opening weekend for a film released in fewer than 1,000 theaters this year, garnering $6.5 million.

Those figures belie the mere $500,000 budget that produced the film, which stars Growing Pains lead Kirk Cameron.

The film had been screened to Christian pastors and leaders throughout the summer, hoping to build support for the all-important opening weekend. The pro-marriage film tells the story of firefighter Caleb Holt, a firefighter who decides to give his failing marriage one more chance.

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Pray: Egypt: Court Gives Christian Boys to Muslim Father-Following the Appeal Court of Alexandria on Sept. 24 granting custody of 13-year-old Christian twins to their Muslim father, their mother now lives with the fear that police will take away her children at any moment, Compass Direct News reports.

The court ruled in favor of the boys' father in spite of Egyptian law's Article 20, which grants custody of children to their mothers until the age of 15, and a fatwa (religious ruling) from Egypt's most respected Islamic scholar, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, giving her custody.

"This decision was dangerous because it was not taken in accordance with Egyptian law but according to sharia [Islamic] law," said Naguib Gobraiel, Gaballah's lawyer and president of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations.

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