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Bethany House

Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships, Carl Medearis, 2008, 208 pages, $13.99, softcover. Medearis draws on his extensive experience living and working with Muslims to provide insights into common questions and misunderstandings Christians have. His goal is to show readers how to find common ground with Muslims and develop relationships that open doors for the Gospel.

Chosen (Baker)

You Don't Have to Cross the Ocean to Reach the World, David Boyd, 2008, 192 pages, $13.99 sardcover. Calling attention to the increasing globalization and multiculturalism of Western society, Boyd encourages Churches to embrace Christ's commission to "go into all the world" by actively pursuing cross-cultural ministries and outreaches.


At Home in a Strange Land: Using the Old Testament in Christian Ethics, Andrew Sloane, 2008, 246 pages, $19.95, softcover. Since Christ has fulfilled the law, does the Old Testament have any bearing on how we should live as Christians? Sloane makes a profound case, affirming that the Old Testament is invaluable to believers for its insight into God's character.

Elements of Biblical Exegesis, Michael J. Gorman, 2008, 281 pages, $19.95, softcover. A revised and expanded version of Gorman's excellent introduction to in-depth study of the Word.

InterVarsity Press

Signature Sins: Taming Our Wayward Hearts, Michael Mangis, 2008, 244 pages, $16.00, softcover. Mangis applies his background in psychology to Christian living in analyzing the way individual personalities affect our propensity to certain sins. He challenges believers to identify their core sins and seek the Lord's guidance on eradicating them.

Sustainable Youth Ministry, Mark DeVries, 2008, 232 pages, $16.00, softcover. DeVries calls on churches to take corporate responsibility for establishing a vision for effective and long-lasting ministry to students.

Reformation Trust Publishing

5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow, R.C. Sproul, 2008, 135 pages, $15.00, hardcover. A revised and expanded version of Sproul's small but deep medition on the "nutrients" of a healthy Christian life: Bible study, prayer, worship, service, and stewardship.

Living for God's Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism, Joel R. Beeke, 396 pages, $24.00, hardcover. Beeke offers an exceptionally thorough and winsome apologetic for reformed theology. He seeks to move beyond standard soteriological arguments and focus on Calvinism's contributions to Christian life and ministry.


1001 Illustrations that Connect, Craig Brian Larson and Phyllis Ten Elshof, editors, 2008, 536 pages, $29.99, softcover. A compilation of valuable illustrations, statistics, and true stories designed to help pastors and teachers drive home the truths of scripture. Comes with a searchable CD ROM to help readers find just the right illustrations for their sermons.

Leadership from the Inside Out, Kevin Harney, 2008, 192 pages, $21.99. softcover. Harney challenges pastors and church leaders to ask God to "search them and know them" to avoid the pitfalls of ministry from pride to boredom and sexual sin. He encourages them to live an "examined life" and serve with passion and joy.

Should We Use Someone Else's Sermon?, Scott M. Gibson, 2008, 128 pages, $14.99, softcover. Gibson raises a growing (but seldom talked about) problem within the Church: pulpit plagiarism-the practice of using a pre-prepared sermon from another source and claiming it as one's own. He provides suggestions on how to avoid the problem or deal with it when it comes to light in a church.

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