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AMG Publishers

Following God: The Book of Jeremiah, Bette Nordberg, 2008, 145 pages, $14.99, softcover. The latest installment of AMG's Following God Series, Nordberg offers a verse-by-verse study of "the weeping prophet." Ideal for Sunday school classes or small group studies.

Preparing My Heart for Advent, Ann Marie Stewart, 2008, 139 pages, $12.99, softcover. The Christmas season in our culture is anything but a time of reflection on the magnitude of the incarnation of the Word of God. In this reprinting of her 2005 book, Stewart reminds readers to slow down, look, and see the signs of God's mercy at Christmas.

Baker Books

Quitting Church: Why the Faithful are Fleeing and What to Do about It, Julia Duin, 2008, 180 pages, $17.99 hardcover. Duin, a journalist, has collected the research on the exodus of believers from churches and conducted many interviews in effort to understand why so many people today want to follow Christ but ignore the organized Church and help churches recapture fellowship.

Harvest House

Evidence for Faith 101:Understanding Apologetics in Plain Language, Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, 2008, 300 pages, $12.99, softcover. Bickel and Jantz present a thorough, broad-spectrum apologetic geared toward youth, new believers, or the unsaved.

The Jesus Who Never Lived: Exposing False Christs and Finding the Real Jesus, H. Wayne House, 2008, 259 pages, $13.99, softcover. House sets out to show that Jesus can only be fully and correctly known through the Scriptures and that interpretations of His life by Hollywood, other religions, and culture as a whole are "false Christs".

The One-Minute Collection, 2008, 430 pages, $14.99, hardcover. A devotional combining three previously published volumes, Hope Lyda's One Minute Prayers and One Minute Prayers from the Bible and Steve Miller's One Minute Promises.

InterVarsity Press

In Search of a Confident Faith: Overcoming Barriers to Trusting in God, J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler, 2008, 205 pages, $20.00, softcover. Moreland and Issler examine the shift in meaning of words like "faith" in today's culture and the hollow "religion" that flows from such changes. They seek to reclaim biblically defined terms and a Christianity that loves God fully with both heart and mind.

Just How Married Do You Want to Be? Practicing Oneness in Marriage, Jim and Sarah Sumner, 2008, 168 pages, $15.00, softcover. The authors (a husband and wife team) set out to "change the way American Christians think about marriage", forgoing the "self-help" model to focus instead on the theological significance of the marriage relationship and the effects of oneness (or the lack thereof) on a couple's witness.

Father, Son and Spirit: the Trinity and John's Gospel, Andreas J. Kstenberger and Scott R. Swain, 2008, 224 pages, $22.00, softcover. Kstenberger and Swain provide an in-depth analysis of Trinitarian themes in the Book of John from the perspectives of Jewish monotheism, Christian theology, and missiology. A thoughtful and thorough book.

Judson Press

On the Road to Emmaus: A Travel Guide Through Grief, Myrlene Hamilton Hess, 2008, 147 pages, $15.00, softcover. Hess comes alongside those who are grieving with encouragement from scripture and her personal experience of losing a spouse. Includes questions for group discussion.

New Leaf/Master Books

Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science, and the Power of a Creator, Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman, editors, 2008, 288 pages, $13.99. A compilation of 38 testimonies (plus one biography) from noted creationists. Each essay tells the story of its author's journey from darkness to light through the evidence of God's creation.

Old-Earth Creationism on Trial: The Verdict is In, Tim Chaffey and Jason Lisle, 2008, 203 pages, $12.99. softcover. The authors engage in a thorough apologetic for the authenticity of the biblical account of God's creation. They argue their point both theologically and scientifically.

Oxford University Press

Was Jesus God, Richard Swinburne, 2008, 192 pages, $24.95, softcover. Swinburne, author of Is there a God and The Existence of God, is well known for his rational and emotional apologetics for the truth of Christianity. This book is another title in this vein. Written more for a reader who has severe doubts about the faith or no real knowledge of Christ, it may be useful for evangelism.

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