Readers' Forum

More and Better Outlines

Please keep up the good work, but we need better sermon outlines and more of them in our magazine!

Bobby Duncan
Hamilton, Ala.

Editor's response: We appreciate your critique. Please let us know what you mean by "better," and we'll do our best to address it.

Thank You

Thank you for your work. Pulpit Helps has been a "help" and an inspiration to me over the years.

Earl Hammond
Smithfield, NC

Will be Missed

Dear Ted,

I just read in the Oct. PH that you will be retiring from your duties as managing editor. I know I speak for many when I say, "You are going to be missed!" I have admired your work from afar for many years. I look forward to your "Old Scot" articles in the future. Congratulations on a job well done!

Victor Knowles
Founder & President of Peace on Earth Ministries (POEM)
Joplin, MO

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