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Baker Books

The Outward Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Serve-Me World, Dave Workman, 2008, 186 pages, $12.99, softcover. A collection of essays, reflections, and stories about the nature of Christ's example of servanthood and the necessity of the same of in the Body. Workman challenges Christians to live out their faith and be known to the world as loving servants.

B&H Publishing

What Every Christian Ought to Know, Adrian Rogers, 2008, 416 pages, $14.99, hardcover. A daily devotional adaptation of the late Rogers' eponymous final book. The timeless truths it contains are broken down to help believers grow by, as Rogers put it, "digesting a truth a day."

Concordia Publishing House

Heaven on Earth: the Gifts of Christ in the Divine Service, Arthur A. Just, Jr., 2008, 312 pages, $14.99, softcover. Just thoughtfully examines the decline of meaningful ritual in the church, and advocates a return to a liturgy rooted in the symbolism of Christ's life, service, and sacrifice. While he writes from an explicitly Lutheran perspective, Just's observations of the decline of metanarrative in the postmodern age and the responsibility of the church to proclaim God's story should have value for all Evangelicals.


All the People in the Bible: an A-Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture, Richard R. Losch, 2008, 586 pages, $26.00, softcover. Losch has compiled a valuable resource that pastors are sure to want in their libraries. He lists all characters who are mentioned in more than passing with an in-depth description of their persons and importance. All characters (including extremely minor ones) are cataloged in the last section of the book with a pronunciation guide.


Faith as a Way of Life: a Vision for Pastoral Leadership, Christian Scharen, 2008, 151 pages, $15.00, softcover. Scharen examines the purely modern idea that religion is a private matter and has no bearing on civic life, culture, or government. He challenges pastors to teach their congregations that Christians have a calling to all areas of life, not just what happens in the home or the four walls of the church.

Harvest House

God's Best for My Life, Lloyd John Ogilvie, 2008, 365 pages, $12.99, hardcover. A daily devotional, combining insight from Scripture and the wisdom of Ogilvie, a former U.S. Senate chaplain.


Praising God through Prayer and Worship, Kay Arthur and Pete DeLacy, 2008, 192 pages, $8.99, softcover. Arthur and DeLacy show how God delights in the prayers and praises of His people through the Book of Psalms. Part of the New Inductive Study Series, the book is part commentary, part devotional study guide.

InterVarsity Press

Is Believing in God Irrational?, Amy Orr-Ewing, 2008, 132 pages, $13.00, softcover. Orr-Ewing (who works with Ravi Zacharias' organization) offers a poignant apologetic to the postmodern idea that Christianity is purely subjective and emotional. The book responds to criticism from the "new atheists" and provides answers to many current objections to the faith.


Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life, Jeff VanVonderen, Dale Ryan, and Juanita Ryan, 2008, 192 pages, $19.00, cloth cover. The authors describe the distorted views of spirituality often found in today's world, discuss the causes and consequences of those, and provide the reader with tools for rebuilding a healthy view of God and of self.


Sticky Church, Larry Osborne, 2008, 186 pages, $16.99, softcover. Osborne describes the failure of churches to keep the people they have coming (often because they spend too much time and energy reaching out to prospective attenders), and puts forth a philosophy of "stickiness"-a collection of observations and strategies designed to help churches build mature Christians.

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