Enough, But No More

by Joe McKeever

"Heavenly Father,

You have showered heaven's blessings on me in ten thousand ways-with life and salvation, with health and friends, with family and church. But no gift from Thy hand has filled me with deeper joy and purer pleasure than the children of my children.

I thank Thee for my grandchildren.

And I pray for them. I pray that they shall know:

Enough of sin to drive them to the Savior, to make them understanding toward others, and to keep them humble.

Enough of failure to turn them to the overcoming Lord and make them wise and strong and smart.

Enough of heartache to appreciate the comfort of the Holy Spirit and to fill them with kindness.

Enough of betrayal to appreciate Thy faithfulness and make them loyal.

Enough of struggle and hardships to find strength in Thee and make them faithful.

Enough of bruises in life to toughen them and make them gentle.

Enough of disappointments to open their eyes about people and give them discernment and judgment.

Enough of ugliness to appreciate the beauty always found in the heart of God and in Thy creation.

Enough-but no more than that, please.

Father, if it were up to me, I would keep them from sin and pain and heartaches. And yet, I know all too well how You use these dark elements in life to build character within us. From our sin, you teach us the blessings of mercy and grace. In our pain, You teach us strength and endurance. Through heartaches, You teach us love and faith.

Measure out to them the portions of suffering they will require to grow strong and develop to the fullness You desire for them. But keep them from any more than that, please.

Above all and through all this, may they grow up to know You intimately, love You intensely, and serve You intelligently.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Brother Joe, who director of missions of the Greater New Orleans Baptist Association,
adds this personal postscript: "Proverbs 17:6 says, Grandchildren are the crown of old men.'
I am the happy possessor of eight such crowns-from the oldest to the youngest:
Leah, Jessica, Grant, Abby, Erin, Darilyn, JoAnne, and Jack. If you knew them,
you would accuse the Almighty of favoritism toward me."

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