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Praise: African Pastor Thanks Woman for Donating Her Wedding Ring-In 2006 Californian Ali Eastburn learned that children in Africa were becoming sick and dying because they had no clean water. Now, two years later, an African pastor visited Eastburn to thank her on behalf of his village for the unusual response she made to what she'd learned. On Eastburn's finger two years ago was her diamond wedding ring, and she recognized that she could sell the ring to raise money to dig a well. Ali sold her wedding ring and founded With This Ring, a charitable organization seeking to provide the poor of Africa with clean drinking water while inviting other Western Christians to donate their wedding rings as well. Eastburn, executive director of With This Ring, was joined by Pastor Asari as she shared her story and the mission of With This Ring at a banquet in California on April 17.

Christian Newswire via MissionNet


Praise: Film Crew Released from Jail in India After Police View Movie-Four members of a Gospel for Asia film team have been released from jail, but not before they were able to share the gospel with those who arrested them. The four-member team was arrested and falsely charged with forcing people to convert to Christianity on March 28, in central India's Madhya Pradesh State. The men were showing a film about the life of Christ when they were arrested. The police also beat the missionaries after they were in custody. But then, during their first night in jail, the officers asked the team if they could watch their film about the life of Christ. The missionaries gladly showed the movie to the audience of police personnel, including the district superintendent of police. After the film, the missionaries explained the gospel to the officers and conducted a prayer service for them. As a result, there was an obvious shift in the officers' attitudes. They became more cordial to the missionaries and treated them kindly for the next three days that they remained in jail. The four men from the film team were released on bail April 1, and the court promised that all their film equipment would be promptly returned.

Assist News Service, Gospel for Asia via MissionNet


Pray: Christian Vietnamese Dies in Prison After Repeated Beatings-A Vietnamese Degar Montagnard Christian who refused to join the Communist-backed church in Vietnam's central highlands has been tortured to death in prison. In a statement released April 7, the Montagnard Foundation Inc. (MFI), reported that Rahlan Hen from the village of Ploi Beng died in March while serving a six-year jail term for refusing to join the "church of [local Communist official] Siu Kim" which many feel teaches people to "worship the government and not God," MFI explained.

Hen was beaten and kicked severely during his arrest on June 14, 2006. The torture apparently continued for years as he was transferred from prison to prison, often keeping him in facilities where his family couldn't locate him. On her last visit with him at the Phu Yen Province prison, his wife saw that "one of his legs was paralyzed and that he could barely walk," MFI reported. "She was overcome with sorrow, but all she could offer him was her tears." On March 17, when she came to visit him, she was told he was already dead-but she could not have his body, because his sentence was not completed.

BosNewsLife via MissionNet


Praise: Ministry's Free Firewood Heats Up Gospel Message in Bosnia-This winter God has used firewood to open doors to the gospel through an Operation Mobilization (OM) program in Bosnia. OM missionary Jael Buusaag said that years of war created the need for firewood. "A lot of houses and even some apartments used to have central heating, but now their central heating doesn't work. So right now most of the people have to heat with firewood during the winter." Buusaag said the expense of firewood puts it financially out of reach for most people, leading OM to help poor families by providing free firewood. Last year OM provided firewood to 100 families in Bosnia. According to Buusaag, this ministry is having an impact. "It's mostly a Muslim-populated town, and we hadn't seen any results of our work for many, many years. But then, two winters ago, God gave us nine new believers all at once. And last year, three or four more."

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