AMG Retires New Testament Light, Launches Mission Advance

by Bob Gerow

For over 50 years, the New Testament Light radio program featured the expository teaching of Pulpit Helps' founder and AMG President Spiros Zodhiates.

In addition to being a well-recognized voice in Christian broadcasting, Dr. Zodhiates was highly regarded for his thorough exposition of the language of the New Testament. He was also known as a relentless advocate for the care for the poor, and a fearless missionary statesman.

Eager to rally even more of God's people in to fulfillment of the Great Commission, AMG has now launched Mission Advance, a short-feature radio program.

The concept behind Mission Advance is to produce a one-minute daily radio feature designed to engage listeners in the Great Commission through stories of what God is doing around the world. The radio feature aired its first broadcast on April 1st, and daily on weekdays thereafter.

Since his retirement from active involvement in AMG ministries, Dr. Zodhiates has not been able to prepare new Bible studies for broadcast. Consequently, New Testament Light was phased off the air by the end of March to make way for Mission Advance.

Dr. Zodhiates joined AMG in 1946 as its first general director. Under his visionary and courageous leadership, AMG soon outgrew its one-room office in New York City and today reaches around the world.

The following story was featured on the April 1 broadcast:

Toti (pronounced, táh-tay)

Two fans blew the hot air and kept the flies away from the food. A dog was barking nonstop. We could hear the children running and laughing outside. The windows were all open. It was hot!

We ate while our cooks sat and waited for us to finish. Only one of us had been to this place before and only two or three had ever been overseas. The Philippines were a long way from home, but we were thankful to be here.

Our Sunday school class sponsors 12-year-old Mercedito through AMG International. Lord put it on our hearts to do more than just send $25 each month. We would also go and visit. We were finally here.

Mercedito is part of an AMG childcare center called "Love Your Neighbor." As Americans, we were unable to visit his island home because of the terrorist threat. So the director of his center, Toti, traveled with Mercedito to be with us at AMG's Home of Hope Orphanage.

It was amazing to learn about where Mercedito lives, and the Muslim culture in which he is growing up. Toti's grandfather started the center where she now serves as the director. Toti is being "all things to all people" every day, as she lays aside the freedom she has in Christ and loves these people in hopes to win some for Christ (see 1 Cor. 9), by dressing in full Muslim clothing and practicing Muslim laws like not eating pork, etc. God is blessing this childcare ministry as Toti develops trusting relationships with needy Muslim families like Mercedito's.

This trust is evident by the fact that the family allowed Toti to bring Mercedito to Home of Hope for a week! Mercedito and his mother have both come to know the Lord. They now call themselves "followers of Jesus."

Bob Gerow is development administrator for AMG International.

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