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Muslims Forbid Evangelism

In response to [the publisher's] Islam article (the March editorial), I have pastored for 32 years in Houston, Texas. I would like to share some information with you concerning "reaching out to Muslims." In Iraq there are hundreds of Christian missionaries, and Christian military doing exactly that, reaching out to Muslims. One of my associate pastors lived in Saudi Arabia for several years as a child with his parents, who worked in the oil business. They attempted to start underground churches but it was punishable by death. To carry a Christian Bible, or to witness in any form was life in prison, with no chance of release. Iraq, and all Muslim nations I know of, will not permit Christian activity in any form. Islam is the fastest growing religion because it is forced, and no other religion is allowed.

If we would go to war, conquer them, and force them all to be Christians, it would be with the same tactics they use now. You would not last one day going to any Muslim nation attempting to share the gospel of Christ. Your material, your tracts, your Bible would be taken from you before you left the airport. I suppose David could have witnessed and attempted to win the Philistines over to God, but he ended up going to war with them for many years.

Yes, we will continue to pray as we do for everyone in the world. Just as we prayed for the Soviet Union, Communists, Germany, China, and the list goes on. But sometimes we must depend on the Holy Spirit to prepare the times for our movement to be successful.

Pastor J. P. Price

Blessed by Timely Message

"Unconscious Girding" by George H. Morrison (March) is a tremendous, timely blessing I greatly appreciate. The last year and a half brought unprecedented fiery trials: a bad fall, three months in the care center, permanent crippling, impaired vision (since relieved), so many complications. I wonder "Why me? Why this? Why now?" but the Lord is faithful and has blessed many times with girding I knew not at the time.

The new magazine format is much more convenient and better in every way. Keep up the good work. It is a great joy to have a small part. Blessings to you and richly.

Bernard DeRemer

Brother Bernard has been a regular contributor to Pulpit Helps for years, as the author of our Church Builder column.


New Format Refreshing

Refreshing new format! I think you have done a superb job in the updated look of Pulpit Helps. Changing the look and size has been a positive in my opinion. I don't think the content of the cover on the January 2008 edition was out of place either. A woman with bare feet wearing pants wasn't "out of place" in my opinion either. Your message remains true to your cause and I have enjoyed the "magazine type" feel of the new format. God bless you all.

David Drew, pastor
River of Life Fellowship A/G
Gunnison, CO

Likes the New Format

I am thankful for the vision that brought Pulpit Helps into being, and for the many years it has been used of God to minister to my heart. It has been affirming, instructive, and encouraging at many points during the years of my subscription.

While I cannot speak for others, I myself find the new format (both layout and size) to be more practical than ever, and as engaging with its various articles.

Be assured of my continuing appreciation and abiding prayer support,

Walter J. Thompson, retired clergy
Greeneville, TN

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