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Preachers with Backbone

I just have gotten my February issue volume # 33 number 2 of Pulpit Helps, and I would like to say that I enjoy each of the columns in each issue.

One I especially look forward to reading each month is John Meador's. In this month's column ["Desperate Preacher] John hit the nail on the head.

I agree with John Meador completely that we must study to show ourselves a workman before God!

Too many preachers preach a feel-good message that brings no conviction. And when there is no conviction there is no repentance; without repentance there is no forgiveness, there is no faith-and we cannot please God without faith!

Now for people to have conviction in their hearts it takes a preacher that has been in close contact and prayer with the Lord God Almighty.

When the preacher has been in prayer and in study of God's Word, things happen...Jesus will do the talking through him.

John Meador is a preachers' preacher!

Pastor Jim Baggett
Doniphan Mo.

Likes the New Format

I am thankful for the vision that brought Pulpit Helps into being, and for the many years it has been used of God to minister to my heart. It has been affirming, instructive, and encouraging at many points during the years of my subscription.

While I cannot speak for others, I myself find the new format (both layout and size) to be more practical than ever, and as engaging with its various articles.

Be assured of my continuing appreciation and abiding prayer support,

Walter J. Thompson
retired clergy
Greeneville, TN

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