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Pray: Survey Shows Many Christian Parents Choose to Satisfy Children Over God-The Christian Post reports the results of a Barna Group survey that shows Christian parents are purchasing media such as DVDs, music, and video games for their kids despite having personal convictions that run contrary to the content of the purchased media. More than 25% of parents who purchased DVDs for their teens or younger children in the past year did not feel comfortable with the products they purchased. About six out of 10 parents bought music CDs for their teen children but one out of every three of them had concerns about the content. Also, slightly more than half of all Christian parents had purchased video games for their children yet 46% of parents of teens admitted to concerns about the content of those games. Those most comfortable were single parents, mothers, and parents least active in practicing their faith.

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Pray: Groups Deplore Military's Approval of Pornography-Pentagon officials continue to allow the sale of adult magazines on military property despite a ban on sexually explicit material, and the decision has caused alarm among pro-family organizations. "Incredibly, the Department of Defense does not consider such publications as Penthouse, Playboy, Playboy's Nude Playmates and Playmates in Bed magazines to be sexually explicit," according to the American Family Association, which has started a letter-writing campaign to Congress to "require the Department of Defense to obey the law."

The Military Honor and Decency Act of 1996 banned "the sale or rental of sexually explicit material on property under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense." However, a Defense review board established for the purpose of regulating these materials decided, "based solely on the totality of each magazine's content, they were not sexually explicit," according to USA Today. However, Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, commented: "Take out the pictures of nude women, and sales of these magazines would collapse."

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Praise: Video of Festival Skit Takes Youtube, Godtube by Storm-A skit performed at the 2006 annual Smoky Mountain Winterfest event held every year near Gatlinburg, Tenn., has taken the video Websites YouTube and GodTube by storm. The skit depicts a soul straying and desperately returning to Christ after being caught up by the sins of sexual impurity, the party lifestyle, bulimia, self-mutilation and deception that leads toward suicide. Christ, with loving power, fights the darkness and rescues the young woman out of her bondage. Written by mission director Tim Houston from Baltimore, Md., the video communicates the message that we don't have to be lost without hope in our sins, separated from Christ. The authenticity of that hope has drawn more than 3 million views of the video on GodTube and more than 1 million on YouTube. Winterfest staff has received e-mails reporting people receiving Christ and healing as a result of watching the video. Youth leaders nationwide have requested copies of the DVD in order to teach the skit to their drama teams to use in other ministry venues. To view the video, log onto and search "Lifehouse skit." The video may also be viewed on

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