Looking for a Really Different Gift?

by Ted Kyle

If you are tired of splurging on Christmas gifts for family members who already have more of everything than they need-and maybe are a trifle guilt-struck about stewardship issues-let us suggest a different kind of gift, which is sure to be appreciated as a blessing from the Lord (and yourself). Below are two programs which will also return blessings to you:

One is AMG International's Bundles of Love program, which for $20 each will send a package of much-needed supplies to one of the thousands of sponsored children. Guatemala, Uganda, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand are among the nations where AMG has children's outreaches. More information is available by calling 1-800-251-7206, or at www.amginternational.org.

An opportunity to make life a little easier for very poor families among the Dalits (formerly known as Untouchables) of India-a people mired in the near-hopelessness of being regarded as unworthy of any consideration by "better classes" of people-is offered by Gospel for Asia.

Gospel for Asia has published a unique Christmas Gift Catalog, which lists such presents as a live goat for $55 (or better, a breeding pair for $110, to provide milk to drink and offspring to sell). For a really big gift, a water buffalo can be given, for $430, to be a major help to a poor family. Other useful live gifts include rabbits for $10, pigs for $50, lambs for $120, cows for $350, and chickens for $10.

Non-living gifts in this catalog include agricultural tool sets for $75, sewing machines for $80, bio water filters for $25, blankets for $5, and battery-powered radios for $35. Really major gifts are also available: a "Jesus well" for an entire community for $1,000, and a new house for a homeless family, at $5,000.

Gospel for Asia can be contacted at 1-800-WIN-ASIA, or online at www.gfa.org/gift. GFA's mailing address is 1800 Golden Trail Court, Carrollton, TX 75010.

There are other ministries which offer similar opportunities to share with needy families, either overseas or here in the States-your local downtown Gospel mission, for instance.

Any and all of these richly deserve your kind attention this Christmas. Such gifts truly are fit for a King!

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