God's Love - and Many Smiles!

by Bob Gerow

Bundles of Love"Bundle of Love": n A specially selected package of Christmas joy that includes items selected to meet the individual needs of those who get them. Every Bundle of Love includes items such as a blanket, shoes and clothing items, school supplies, personal hygiene items, and a Bible for those who do not yet have one. Bundles of Love are sure to remind the receivers that someone in a faraway place cares about them.

For Christians in North America, November and December are very exciting months. We celebrate Thanksgiving, remembering God's abundant blessings for us, and Christmas, which reminds us of God's ultimate gift to us in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The excitement is not limited to Christians in North America, however. The children under AMG's care, as well as our national workers, and the leprosy sufferers to whom we minister are excited as well. Christmas is an occasion to remember God's love in a very special way called Bundles of Love. These are precious packages, which AMG has been providing for more than 60 years. It is a very practical and tangible demonstration of Christ's love.

The anticipation for this package is so great. "Please let me know when you set the dates for the Bundles of Love." "Is it this Saturday or next that we are going for the shoes?" "Do I have to wait until Saturday to get my bundle?" "Can you please give a pair of shoes to my baby brother also?" These are all questions from boys and girls in Cyprus as they anticipated an earlier Bundles of Love celebration.

The boys and girls can hardly wait-and AMG coworkers who distribute these Bundles of Love are just as excited as the children. Sometimes, visitors from North America enjoy that happy moment as well. Last year a group of students from North America traveled to Peru and distributed backpacks to the children under AMG's care that contained socks, underwear, and other needed items. Just as exciting, they were able to share the Good News with the children, their parents, and other members of the community.

In fact, during the Bundles of Love celebrations, the gospel is very clearly presented. In some places, even government officials attend and hear about Jesus through song, skits by the children, and presentations by our coworkers.

Bundles of love are not only for the children. AMG also distributes Bundles of Love to national workers, church planters and national staff. Each resident of the Valley of Love, a community of individuals suffering with leprosy, also receives a Bundle of Love.

It takes only $20 to make one Bundle of Love possible, and to bring tremendous joy and encouragement to someone in need. As the Lord provides, and in cooperation with our partner agencies, AMG will be distributing 30,000 Bundles of Love this coming holiday season to children, national workers and leprosy sufferers.

To have a part in this demonstration of God's love, contact AMG Missions at 800-251-7206, online at amginternational.org, or mail to AMG International, 6815 Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421.

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