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Doesn't Believe God "Gives" Cancer

I have just read the August issue that arrived couple days ago and read R.C. Sproul, Jr's article "Hope Nevertheless," that prompts this letter of concern.

The article in July, 2006, issue of "Don't Waste Your Cancer" just didn't set right with me but I am no Bible scholar and not much education just a 78 year old country Grandma with a daughter who is a cancer survivor and she sure never thought God gave her the cancer. I was glad Robert B. Macdonald addressed the article in his letter to you in the October, 2006, issue which expressed my thoughts and I was grateful that I was not totally off in not accepting that God gives cancer.

Now your August 2007 issue with RC's article troubles me. I just can't find in the New Testament that God gives cancer and as a gift??? I definitely believe he allows these things to come upon us since the fall and people's choices, etc., etc., and he gives us the wherewithal to go through the dark valley of cancer and other trials of life. I hope someone else writes on this, it just doesn't seem right. Reckon I need more enlightenment.

I hope you will again print Mr. Macdonald's letter and give your thoughts on the subject or ask others. I'd love to hear Mr. John Meador's take on this, he is flat good. Maybe this is all that's worthwhile in my rambling, could you ask Mr. Meador to offer his thoughts on the subject.

Don't misunderstand me here, I love R.C. and used to listen to him on the radio, I leave too early now to catch him anymore and very definitely he is a precious brother in Christ and a deep Bible scholar so I don't mean to judge here. I'm just troubled by those 4 sentences in the middle. The rest of his article is right on. I wish someone else would write about it. Nuff Sedlove all you folks there at Pulpit Helps. Thanks for listening. I got it out of my system.

Still on the Potters Wheel,
Ann Faith Davis
Buckeye, AZ

Dear Grandmother:

One of our staff will also try to answer you, in the article, "Why Do Christians Suffer?", to be found in this issue. -The Editors

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