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Offended by Cartoon

I truly enjoy my subscription to Pulpit Helps, but the reason I stopped using other mail-outs, etc., is because of their jokes based on the Word of God. Need I remind you that manna in the wilderness is a story from the Bible, God's Holy Word, and jokes about it are offensive to me and I dare say to others (see pg. 4, July issue)? There is nothing wrong with a good laugh but in a day when people desperately need truth do we have to belittle the greatest truth ever written, the Bible, by making jokes about what it says? In my mind such "stuff" borders on blasphemy or "adding to" or "taking from" (Rev. 22:18f) the Word. If it continues I'll have to cancel this subscription also. Thanks.

Dale Etheridge, pastor of Center Baptist Church Russellville, KY.

Editor's response: Pastor Etheridge, your reverence for the Word and concern that it not be taken lightly are very encouraging to us. We make every effort to conform all of our content to God's Word and His Will as we proclaim His message. In the cartoon in question-in which an Israelite wonders why he can't have cheese dip to go with the manna-Brother McKeever's intent was not to make fun of the truth of Scripture, but rather to show how we as sinful humans are seldom content with God's awesome provision for us and quick to tell Him that He hasn't given us enough. We apologize for any offense that this or any other of our cartoons and anecdotes has caused.

Stand for Truth in Love

Regarding the article in July, 2007, "Many Denominations-The Positive Side" by Ed Vasicek:

I would like to consider the phrases: "Bible-Based Groups," "Bible-Believing Christians," and "Doctrine."

I maintain that the basic reason there are so many denominations could very well be this thing called love. The Apostle Paul did not pull any punches in his letter to the Galatians. They were on the wrong track.

There are "Bible-Based Groups" who have tossed out Genesis 1 as not being an accurate description of what happened at the beginning.

There are "Bible-Believing Christians" that are convinced that homosexuality is not a sin.

"Doctrine" is to some, exactly what the Bible says. Doctrine to others is whatever is the current thought.

How to deal with error? In love. In love for lost souls that are in grave danger to lose the only hope of eternal life. What do they need? They need to hear the message of John, the Baptist: "Repent."

Now, I am named an "arrogant denomination" that isolates itself from "Bible Believing Christians." So be it. However, because of my love for my wonderful and mighty God and my responsibility in love to warn those who have wandered from the faith, I shall continue as an "arrogant denomination."

In 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 sentences to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Why? He had been brought to know Jesus, the Christ of God, his Savior. He was not arrogant in those sentences. He did not do that to spark a reformation. Humbly, he wanted the church to consider what God has to say and get back to that. In his love to his Lord, he continued to stand upon the truth.

It is my prayer that all those "Bible Based Groups" and "Bible Believing Christians" seek to establish a "Common Faith" built upon the "Doctrine" of the Bible.

In those "Bible Based Groups," and "Bible Believing Christians," are those dear believers who readily repent of their sin and believe on their Lord. They are the Holy Christian Church, the Communion of Saints known to our God. Praises be to Him.

Bill Bein, Sun City, AZ

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