In the Eye of the Storm

by Clifton Tomes

We've all heard of the fury and devastation of hurricanes. And we've heard of the unbelievable calm that is in the eye of these storms. As children of God, we too have our storms of life, our seasons of trouble, anxiety, storms of grief, winds of great trouble that come in our lives.

There is an "eye of the storm" available for us, where we can find shelter until our season of trouble passes by. As it was in Egypt for the Children of Israel during the plague of unbelievable darkness, there is light for those who have placed their trust in God and Christ His Son. Trusting in God does not make us immune to coming storms, but it does guarantee us that place of refuge and security, that Rock that is higher, that calm solace in the "eye of the storm."

As with our earthly natural storms, there may be another wave of trouble behind the first onset; but the child of God never has to be removed from the calm eye of the storm. God holds us fast and secure! The fury, the rage, the sounds of destruction as we walk through our storms will be mere shadows, if we walk in faith.

In the "eye of the storm" we are to live each and every moment of our lives depending upon the strong arm of Christ who is with us, who is guiding us, who is guarding us and who is the guaranteed "calm" and "joy" to the sheep of His pasture. His pasture is "the eye of the storm."

Is this just "religious talk"? Is this just another attempt to spiritually brain wash others to believe as I do? No! I am describing what I have experienced! On January 29, 1988, after a brain tumor was removed from above my right temporal lobe, my wife was told that possibly six months to a year was all I had left. She was also told that during those months I would more likely become blind and paralyzed. The doctor warned her that she should prepare to live alone. She should prepare to watch me deteriorate to the degree that she would be able to carry me in her arms to the hospital for treatments.

My good friends, I heard the sound of the storm! I heard the darkest forecast that I could possibly ever hear in my earthly life! Yet, I was (and am) standing on the Rock! I am safe, secure, saved! I am alive now and for eternity!

As they rolled me toward surgery, I had God's Word open and laying across my chest. What passage was it opened to? "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou art with me." Good friend, there was a calm which I cannot explain in my spirit. I knew the worst storm that could happen to me would only wake me up in the arms of Christ.

My surgery took place at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, and what a place for Christ, the true King of all, to come sweeping through with His power to heal and restore. What a place for the "eye of the storm" to target! January 29, 1988, has long since passed and I'm still here. The closest I came to going blind is having to wear reading glasses. No blindness, no memory loss, no mobility problems! Yes, good friend, I know there's an "eye of the storm." I live there!

Clifton Tomes is a former pastor who now lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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