How Big is Your God?

What would have happened had Moses tried to figure out what was needed to accomplish God's command?

One of the biggest mathematical miracles in the world was required in the desert. Moses led the people of Israel to the desert. What was he going to do with them? They had to be fed, and feeding 3 million people required a lot of food. According to the U.S. Army's Quartermaster General, Moses needed 1,500 tons of food a day, filling two freight trains each a mile long.

For cooking the food it took 4,000 tons of wood and a few more freight trains each a mile long-just for one day! And they were 40 years in transit!

For drinking and washing dishes, it took 11,000,000 gallons each day.

They had to get across the Red Sea in one night. If they went on a narrow path, double file, the line would be 800 miles long and require 35 days and nights to get through. To cross in one night there had to be a space in the Red Sea 3 miles wide so they could walk 5,000 abreast.

A campground the size of Rhode Island, or a total of 750 square miles was required every day!

Do you think Moses figured this all out before he left? I think not. You see, Moses believed in God. He had faith that God would take care of everything. Let us take courage, we have the same God!


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