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"War Bible" Travels to 4 Wars With 5 Family Members-A dog-eared, pocket-sized New Testament belonging to a family in Haughton, La., has returned from its fourth war with its fifth member of the family. The "War Bible's" six-decade journey began in the pocket of Wilton Borskey, now 80 and called "Uncle Buck" by his family, who fought in the South Pacific in World War II. Later he gave the Bible to his nephew Butch Borskey for a tour in Vietnam, making him promise to bring the Bible back and place it in Borskey's hand. With Butch's return from Vietnam, a family tradition was born and the Bible eventually did a second tour in Vietnam with Uncle Buck's own son. The next generation of military family members took the worn Bible on to the Gulf War in 1991, and finally to Iraq with Jeremy Vickers in 2003, each time returning safely. Vickers said he felt God's protection over him and dug several bullets out of his truck that could have easily struck him. "I had known about the Bible because it was a family tradition, that anytime a member of the family was going to combat they had to go see Uncle Buck," Vickers said. "He would give the history of the Bible and the terms of use-if you take it, you have to bring it back. I can promise you, I didn't want to be the one to break the terms!"

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Pray: Christian Medical Association Condemns "Baby Supermarket"-Doctors with the U.S. Christian Medical Association have spoken out against a Texas IVF clinic offering babies tailor-made to suit prospective parents' specifications, in a press release Jan.8. The Abraham Center of Life, in San Antonio, Texas, began advertising made-to-order embryos screened for hair and eye color, intelligence, and other characteristics last August. For a fee of about $10,000, couples can purchase an embryo that meets their preferred criteria. The IVF clinic is buying and selling children, "grading babies like meat in a supermarket," said Dr. David Stevens, head of the CMA. "This designer baby scheme crosses ethical and moral boundaries by turning babies into commodities," Dr. Stevens said. "Human life is sacred and should never be bought or sold at any stage of development," added Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, IVF specialist and medical director for the National Embryo Donation Center.

Pray: Nigerian State's Policies Said to Strangle Christianity-Compass Direct News reports that as soon as Christians in the capital city of Nasarawa State tried to rebuild a Reformed Church building that Muslims burned down two years ago, more than 200 Islamists attacked the workers. The rebuilding came to a halt, and the state government banned reconstruction of the facility. "I personally witnessed the attack on the workers at the reconstruction site of the church," said Jerry Modibo, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Nasarawa State chapter. "The Muslims were chanting, Death to Christians, death to infidels. This town is for Muslims, we don't want Christians here.'" Banning church-building, he said, is just one way Nasarawa is stifling Christianity in the central Nigerian state.

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Pray: Lawyer Detained in Mental Hospital, Injected With "Poisons"-On Tuesday, Jan. 9, the human rights group Amnesty International reported that 47-year-old leading Vietnamese human rights lawyer Bui Thi Kim Thanh was found detained and drugged in a mental hospital where she had been confined since November. Police took her to Bien Hoa Mental Hospital, about 20 miles outside Ho Chi Minh City, where several other religious and political dissidents, including devoted Christians, have been held. Confined there since November, dissidents with the International Movement for Democracy and Human Rights in Vietnam claim she "has been injected with some poisonous chemical substances." The lawyer was reportedly unable to talk because of the injections. The movement claims communist officials were attempting to silence the lawyer after she began legal procedures on behalf of hundreds of homeless people. Bui often worked free of charge defending low-income families in her community who had properties confiscated by authorities and were seeking redress.

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Pray: Human Rights Lawyer Fights For Her Life In Congolese Prison-A human rights lawyer, who is also the mother of four children, briefly received medical treatment before being returned to prison in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ASSIST News Service reported. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Marie Therese Nlandu, who was charged on 11 December with inciting insurrection and possessing illegal firearms, briefly received medical treatment in a military hospital for a severe lung infection contracted whilst in prison. However, against medical advice, Mrs. Nlandu was returned to Makala Prison before the course of treatment had been completed. Her health was reported to be deteriorating rapidly due to the poor conditions of her incarceration. She was to appear before a military tribunal January 24.

Religion Today Summaries

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