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Baker Books

Reaching Single Adults, an Essential Guide for Ministry, Dennis Franck, 2007, 224 pages, $14.99, softcover. Provides a biblical foundation for ministry work with unmarried, divorced, widowed, or single parents. Franck draws on his 25+ years in singles ministry to offer programs, ministry models, and outreaches in this book designed to train pastors and laymen in work with single adults.

Bethany House

The Book of Worship, 365 Inspiring Readings Based on Worship Songs and Classic Hymns, John Randall Dennis, compiler, 2007, 400 pages, $17.99, hardcover. Inspiring devotional book that combines Bible readings with stories, songs, and quotations. Designed for a whole year of quiet times, the book is arranged on the Christian calendar (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, etc.) with devotions centered on a seasonal theme rather than a traditional, daily layout.

Herald Press

Psalms, Believers Church Bible Commentary, James H. Waltner, 834 pages, $34.99, softcover. The latest commentary in the Believers Church Bible Series.

IVP Academic

The Hermeneutical Spiral, a Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Grant R. Osborne, 2006, 512 pages, $25.00, softcover. Updated reprinting of the originally acclaimed 1991 book. An extremely thorough, academic look at the nature and history of scriptural interpretation. Provides the pastor a valuable tool to turn sound exegesis into solid, biblical sermons.

IVP Books

The AIDS Crisis: What We Can Do, Deborah Dortzbach and W. Meredith Long, 2006, 132 pages, $13.00, softcover. A look at the world's spiraling AIDS problem from social, scientific, and spiritual perspectives. Designed to raise awareness of the crisis within the church and provide strategies to help curtail the spread of the disease and provide care for the suffering.

Doubting, Growing Through the Uncertainties of Faith, Alister McGrath, 2007, 156 pages, $13.00, softcover. McGrath proposes that doubt is a natural first step to spiritual growth. He outlines many areas of the faith which Christians have difficulty understanding and offers reassurance of belief through apologetics, study, and trust in the Lord of Truth.

Fasting, Spiritual Freedom Beyond Our Appetites, Lynne M. Baab, 2006, 152 pages, $13.00, softcover. A thorough examination of the biblical discipline of fasting, its near-absence in modern Western culture, and the need for Christians to return to the practice. Baab stresses the importance of taking time to be reminded that God is more vital to us than anything else in our consumer society.

Sacred Travels, Recovering the Ancient Practice of Pilgrimage, Christian George, 2007, 179 pages, $13.00, softcover. A modern approach to the discipline of pilgrimage (traveling to sacred sites that leads to transformation of the soul). George shares stories of his many travels and offers spiritual lessons to be learned from the various historic sites of Christianity.

Reconciliation Blues, a Black Evangelical's Inside View of White Christianity, Edward Gilbreath, 2006, 192 pages, $20.00, softcover. A personal look at the unspoken racial divide among evangelical churches that urges Christians to examine their presuppositions about diversity and politics to get back to the basics of Christ-like love and witness.

Practical Justice, Living Off-Center in a Self-Centered World, Kevin Blue, 2006, 144 pages, $13.00, softcover. An examination of social decay and injustice in America. The author urges Christians to rethink "American" notions of race, wealth, sociology, style, etc., and instead live an others-centered life on Christ's model.

New Hope Publishers

Strong Walk, Becoming a Lifestyle Spiritual Warrior, Randy Sprinkle, 2006, 155 pages, $13.99, softcover. A six-week devotional/study guide designed to point Christians to fight their spiritual battles with renewed purpose. Ideal for a Sunday school or small group curriculum.

Made for Paradise, God's Original Plan for Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Rest, Patricia Hart Terry, 254 pages, $14.99, softcover. True healthy living comes, not from a fad, but from eating, activity and resting as our Creator designed.

Regal Books

Going Places With God, a Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible, Wayne Stiles, 2007, 173 pages, $14.99, hardcover. A three-month devotional based on a travelogue of sites in the Holy Land designed to take the reader on a spiritual journey based on the significance of the places covered.

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