The Portable Seminary

by Glen H. Jones

No one book could encompass in detail the material covered in a resident seminary education. However, David Horton as general editor of this volume has gathered material from a large group of conservative scholars to make this manuscript a valuable tool for any serious Bible student's bookshelf. Beginning with the Christian Scriptures the writers affirm inspiration, revelation (general and special), inerrancy, authority, and the accepted canon of Scripture. Horton points out that modernistic scholarship has undermined faith in God's Word by failing to see or accept the hand of God in delivering the Bible to humanity. Several writers expound the theological implications of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The deity of Christ as one of the Trinity is also affirmed.. The following subjects are discussed in helpful detail: Creation and the Fall and God's gracious provision for salvation (both Old and New Testament views); the church; church history; world religions (Zen Buddhism, Vedanta Hinduism, Islam, and the New Age movement); surveys of Old and New Testament books; apologetics; and missionary endeavor. Eschatology receives a cursory examination with this caveat, "Sometimes eschatology has been a divisive force with Christian circles.Properly understood and applied, eschatology has a powerful positive significance for Christians. It is to be a source of comfort, of encouragement, of challenge to watchfulness and faithful service, and the assurance of reward" (pp.196-197).
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