Pastor Driven Stewardship (10 Steps to Lead Your Church to Biblical Giving)

by Glen H. Jones

In this hard-hitting book on Christian stewardship, author Rod Rogers believes that pastors have a biblical mandate to preach stewardship. Christians need to hear about Christian giving. Brown contends that most welcome the scriptural instruction and many respond positively by increasing their church contributions.. Brown asserts that a believer who faithfully follows stewardship principles may expect to see the following increases: personal prosperity, church offerings, spiritual growth and commitment to the church, church morale, pastoral confidence, and pastoral leadership credibility. The author lays out some essential steps that lead to increased stewardship awareness and giving: The pastor must preach and practice giving principles taught in Scripture. He should expose his congregation to stewardship testimonies. He should ask members to make a commitment to tithe. New members should be encouraged to begin tithing. The church should pray for new givers. Members should receive frequent giving records. Appendix A contains a stewardship sermon. The appendix includes a church giving history form and a congregational giving survey form.
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