A Ray of Light in a Dark Country

by Bob Gerow

What is life like in the small town of Grand-Bassin in Haiti? This community of 20,000 has no electricity or power lines. There is no water piped into homes. There is virtually no medical care in this town. The closest hospital is 18 miles away. Several people have died recently because they were not able to walk those miles to get to the hospital. Jobs are scarce, and schooling is a privilege given to only a few of the town's children. It would be easy to look at Grand-Bassin and feel hopeless, but God is doing a great work here through the ministry of Pastor Rodne Romeus. God has given Pastor Rodne a great vision to change people's lives in Haiti. He leads a congregation of 1,000 members in Grand-Bassin. He has a large school of 600 students who receive a much-coveted education and learn about Jesus in daily Bible classes. AMG donors sponsor children at this school, which helps pay for their schooling, supplies, uniform, and a daily meal. The students range from pre-school to 7th grade, and Pastor Rodne hopes to build more classrooms to add grade levels so that the students can graduate from high school and go to college. Pastor Rodne saw how many of the students and teachers at school were sick. He realized that a medical clinic in Grand-Bassin would not only help his church and school, but it would be an opportunity to minister to the community and share the gospel with hurting people. His church sacrificially gave out of their own poverty to start building the medical clinic. A short-term mission team recently went to Grand-Bassin to help put up the walls. Now the medical clinic needs a roof, so that it can begin receiving patients. Brother Rodne does not like to talk about his own personal needs, and his selfless ministry is a blessing to the people of Haiti and a challenge to us all. His small truck breaks down frequently due to rough roads, potholes, and extensive use. He drives this small truck many hours every week to buy food and school supplies for the children at school. On another occasion he walked for several hours in the rain to perform a wedding at his church, but the wedding party was thrilled to see their rain-soaked pastor finally arrive! Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere. AMG International is partnering in ministry with Pastor Rodne to meet the spiritual and physical needs of its people-particularly of the children of Haiti. Partnership opportunities abound through child sponsorship, financial support, and even short term ministry trips. Above all, you are invited to join in prayer for Pastor Rodne, that the light of the gospel will shine brightly through him in this unique and effective ministry. Visit www.amginternational.org or call AMG for more information.
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