God Still Makes Wondrous Miracles

by David Buffaloe

The other day I was standing in the fellowship hall of our church when I heard a car pass by with its stereo on "boom." Though this car was on the highway, many yards from our church, I could feel every boom, every bang, every "bass thump" not only in my head, but also in my stomach. This noise was so loud that it reminded me of the time when I worked around operational aircraft in the military. How someone could stand this sound is beyond me. I turned to a young person nearby and asked, "How can anybody stand music that loud?" I expected the child to defend this generation's music. But he simply asked: "What music?" He simply hadn't heard it. Many of our young people don't understand that the ear is very sensitive to sound. How sensitive? The book Hearing Conservation in Industry, Schools, and the Military tells us that "The ear is capable of sensory response to sound whose pressure at the ear drum is no greater than two ten-thousandths of a millionth of barometric pressure." In other words, the ear is capable of hearing very small sounds. What a miraculous thing the human ear is! When high energy sound waves bombard the ear for even short periods of time, this assault can over-stimulate and kill one's hearing. You can destroy that miracle that the Lord gave you at birth. I am told by many that the age of miracles is passed, that miracles no longer happen. I disagree. The human body itself is a miracle of the highest order, a superb creation from God. But let's go beyond that which is seen, and look at the teachings of Christianity. Our faith begins with the miracle of God the Son assuming humanity through the virgin birth. Jesus Christ lived on this earth, walked amongst us, and then went to the cross to die for our sins. The miracle doesn't end there. When God the Son ascended to God the Father, He promised to send God the Spirit back to live inside every believer, guiding us and helping us to live our lives in Him. Of all the miracles this, to me, is the most astounding. There is not a person on this earth who isn't a sinner. Not a "mistaker," not a "tripper," not a fallible person, but a sinner. And yet God, Who cannot look on sin, lives inside of you if you have believed in Him. If you are saved by faith in Christ, Jesus is in you (cf. Rom. 8:9-11)! This illustration may illuminate the miracle of Christianity, the miracle of Jesus living in you. My wife was reading in a cookbook the other day about a recipe for sourdough bread. You make sourdough by using a "starter," a mixture of flour and water that has been transformed by yeast. You put a little starter in every batch of bread, and the starter causes the unleavened dough to rise. The starter is what gives life to the bread. Since a little starter is used in every batch, you must keep adding a little flour and water to the starter, lest you use it all up. You see, the starter is temporal and expendable. He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken-make alive-your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwells in you. Here is the miracle of Christianity. When sinful man repents of living his life in his own power, and turns to God, believing in God's provision of salvation through Jesus and Jesus alone, then God comes inside you. He is like the sourdough starter, but unlike the starter, God the Holy Spirit living inside of the Christian never runs out, never depletes, for He is eternal. It is God in you that guarantees that one day the old dead flesh of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will rise in glory to meet the Lord in the air Talk about miracles!
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