Battlefields & Blessings

by Bob Gerow

Hardship and conflict invariably test "what we are made of." The Civil War was an unusual hardship that tested what our nation was made of. What we discovered is that true greatness is often found in the harshest circumstances and in the most common of men. Nowhere is that discovery more evident than in the vignettes collected for this devotional book, and the masterfully simple accompanying commentary. As an "avid military historian," Tuley has gathered stories, letters and other accounts that provide insight into the personal lives and struggles of generals, foot soldiers, and the wives and families of those who went off to fight. The spiritual insights that follow emerge quite naturally, but Tuley has ably crafted them into meaningful challenges for our own generation of "commoners." Reading Battlefields & Blessings is the spiritual counterpart to searching a now-quiet battleground, and finding intensely personal items among the remnants of a great engagement. It is a daily devotional work that touches heart and soul without being "preachy." The diligent reader can thus look forward to a full year's worth of historical insights and thought provoking challenges from our own national history. Target: General Audience Type: Devotional Take: Refreshing
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