Grace for Tough Times (Keys to Hope, Comfort, and Encouragement)

by Glen H. Jones

Mary Nelson, survivor of breast cancer and other human tragedies, has written encouraging essays for a year-long uplift. Her thesis: no matter what God allows to come our way, He is still in control and will see you through. The outcomes of our suffering, disappointment, and financial hardship may not be what we would choose, but He gives a variety of trials to build and sustain our faith. Trials test faith or lack of it and strengthen the little or great faith we possess. When we pray to God we sometimes have a preconceived way of how God should answer. But God does not work that way. He works everything after the counsel of His own will. We pitiful humans, who at times believe we are so wise, remain far removed from the unfathomable wisdom of God. We are wise only to the extent that He has revealed His will to us. The ultimate eternal plan and program of our heavenly Father must wait for eternity. This is difficult for us to accept. We want instant coffee, instant pudding, and instant God. Praying, believing, and trusting in His wise and loving nature builds faith. Instant gratification often does not. God knows our impatience and impetuosity; He chooses the course for each individual that will best glorify His name and build our faith. Nelson's suffering and trials allow her to speak to the lonely and suffering and disheartened. Her gentle words, if one will only listen, will lead to a firmer reliance on the God who makes no mistakes. Target: All Type: Encouragement Take: Recommended
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