Getting Out the "Good News"

by Bob Gerow

One of the longstanding keystones of AMG International's ministry is newspaper evangelism. Through donations from supporters like you, AMG purchases advertising space in newspapers in order to distribute a gospel message and opportunity for response to many thousands of readers. This work takes place in numerous countries around the world, particularly in areas in which Christians are in a significant minority, like Turkey. Although almost the entire population of Turkey (over 70 million) is Muslim, AMG continues to see a very encouraging response to Gospel advertisements there. Many who respond also enroll in Bible correspondence courses as part of the follow-up. Celal, from the town of Soma, has finished approximately 20 courses and has come to know the Lord. In a recent communication he writes, "May the number of those who follow Jesus increase greatly in my home town." Murat also wrote to us recently. "I have gone to the Catholic and Orthodox churches, but they will not answer my questions," he says. "I received letters from the Protestant church in Adana asking if I would like a visit. Please tell them that I will definitely like to meet them. I recently made a request to the proper authorities to have the word Muslim' erased from my ID card and have it changed to Christian.' I want you to know that with my whole heart I want to be baptized." Another letter came from Nuretin. "I would like to meet a believing Christian," he writes. "I want to join a church in my area." Nuretin has completed 30 correspondence courses since 2004. Sadly, because he lives in an isolated area, he has not yet been visited and there is no church anywhere in his vicinity. The advertisements are even provoking thought among those adamantly opposed to the message of Christ. Nihat, an elementary school teacher writes, "I want to introduce myself. I am a Turkish Muslim and a teacher. I love to read and do research. For this reason I would like to join your course and receive a Bible. Our world is changing at a very fast rate. This change is presently in favor of the Christians, but only God knows what tomorrow will bring. You are working for a superstitious and invalid religion and are leading the world and yourselves to eternal hellfire. I cannot explain how much I have wanted industrious and zealous people like yourselves to become Muslims because our religion is the last and final religion, but unfortunately we are not working as hard as you are at spreading our religion. I pray that Allah would lead you to the right way which is found in Islam." Pray that God will touch Nihat's heart as he goes through the Bible correspondence course. Finally, consider this letter from Tevfik in Ankara. "To my brothers and sisters at the Bible Correspondence Course, May the Lord's grace and peace be upon you. I am 53 years old, a high school graduate, and a retired official. I began to read the Bible around the year of 2001 or 2002. As the days passed, I became more and more affected by what I read. By God's grace I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. For 50 years I was a Muslim, but was never happy. At this moment however, I am full of joy. . . ." Praise the Lord for how he is using AMG's gospel ads and the Bible Correspondence Course to touch people lives. Pray for AMG's ongoing efforts to proclaim the Good News through the printed page.
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