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"God-Blest Ministry"

Pulpit Helps has always been a blessing to me personally and to every church God has called me to serve. Many times your publication has encouraged and strengthened me spiritually to continue to serve the gospel and the cause of Christ.

Please don't ever stop this God-called and God-blest ministry of encouragement to all those who serve in His precious name.

Tommy Tackett, pastor
Midway Baptist
Church, Pontotoc, MS

We Read More Than We Write

Please don't forget some of us read more than we write!  I'm one of those, I suppose.  Perhaps it's one of those "I know I should but I just haven't..." things.  You know, kind of like remembering to tell your wife of thirty plus years, "Hey, darling, I still love ya!"

I read a lot. And one of my very favorite publications is Pulpit Helps.  I find it informational and just interesting. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the exegetical approaches to basic biblical words and phrases. In a day where simple truths for simple minds' is the in thing, I find those in depth studies so helpful and refreshing! If anything, I wish you'd include more of them in each publication. With those and a little digging on your own, the Lord will across time give you some good sermonic material to use. Selfishly, I wish you included more illustrative material. I do not find enough of it in most issues, and I use quite a bit in my preaching and teaching.

And, last, I personally appreciate the furthering studies information your paper affords.  As a graduate of an SBC seminary, Baptist college, and a pastor for almost forty years, I still have a hunger to learn more.  In looking through your paper, I have discovered over time furthering opportunities for study and have even pursued some with Newburgh Theological Seminary.  I've found their approach to studies comparable to any I've received elsewhere, and I've enjoyed the discipline they've afforded me to continue learning about God's Word and the ministry of His church.  Without coming across their ad in your publication, I'd likely never would have discovered that refreshing and meaningful opportunity!

So, please continue publishing the magazine. Irregardless whether we write you or not, some of us are reading it, and hopefully we'll get that privilege for a long time to come.

G. R. "Ricky" Gray, pastor,
Flowood Baptist Church 
Flowood, MS 39232

PH a Great Resource

I have been reading the Pulpit Helps for 4-5 years and look forward to getting each issue.  It is a FANTASTIC publication!! I am bi-vocational, a test engineer and a pastor, as well as a family man with a wife and children, so time is a precious commodity to me. I rely solely' on Pulpit Helps for devotional material, humor, and articles to make me think-which this magazine does so wonderfully. If I did not have this publication, my Christian life and ministry would suffer significantly. Thanks for all your time and effort to make this a magazine of choice for pastors and Christian leaders!!! Sorry I have not written earlier, but with my busy schedule I took it for granted that you knew how great a publication you are producing. Keep up the good work and "keep on pressing on toward the mark" of excellence!!

A Fellow Servant,
Robin Brumfield

Keep Up the Good Work

I hope you get a lot of response to your letter in [the November issue].

I think ya'll are doing a great job. I really like the Sermon Starters, the Jewels From Past Giants, the book reviews, the world news section (I share them during Sunday morning services) and the illustrations page.

Keep up the good work.

 Rick Gregory, pastor
First Baptist Church
Mancos, CO

New Subscriber Blessed

I am a new subscriber; as a matter of fact, I haven't even paid for my subscription yet. I have been greatly blessed by this newspaper. It is so refreshing to read articles that inspire and stir the spirit. I was especially blessed by "Missing the Last Step" and "Are You Ready to Receive God's Mantle?" in the November, 2006, publication. These articles were not only powerful but they ignited my spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work!


Should There Be a Church Dress Code? 

My name is Jessica and I am a church secretary. We have been receiving Pulpit Helps magazine for several months now. How we started receiving it I do not know. The budget is a little tight, so I'm not sure that we will subscribe, however, we will continue to enjoy it as long as we can. Many of our attenders are being edified through your articles.  Thank you for your ministry!

I would like to suggest a topic for an article. You may have covered it in the past, but I haven't seen anything regarding church dress. How one should dress when attending church, or even the leaders of a church.

This is often a disputed issue between Christians, and people can go from one extreme to the other. What God's Word says concerning this would be a good topic.

A few people at our church are bothered that the men who serve communion don't wear suits.  They do wear dress pants and a decent shirt, just not suits.  What would you say concerning this?

The Bible clearly says God is concerned primarily with the attitude of the heart (1 Sam. 16:7), but how should our reverence for God reflect in our dress?

If you feel this is a topic worth writing on, I would enjoy reading about it and I'm sure it would be helpful to our congregation.

Dearborn, Michigan

Editor's response: Well, dear readers, what do you think? Should there be some standard for dress for church attendance? Or for some segment of the congregation, such as leaders-including the pastor-and/or those serving Communion? We'd like to hear from you!

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