New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics

by Howard Glass

The opening essays-about 50 pages- establish the purpose of apologetics, which is defined as the art of persuasion. The rest of the book is more useful; it puts reliable evidence within easy reach for those wanting to be confident and informed when promoting and defending the gospel. Key people to know about are listed here-some living, most historical. You will find their contributions and often some background on them, including references to the times and forces that shaped them. The political and cultural pressures, the philosophical or intellectual challenges, the scriptural developments, disciplines, movements, anything that has had an enduring effect on Christianity, seems to be covered here, as well as contemporary issues such as terrorism, cyberspace and environmentalism. I was pleased with the many quotes and insights. The book touches other religions where it needs to. Even such things as Druidism and Wicca are explained in a helpful way, with an essay on pagan and indigenous religions. There are about five pages on Islam, presenting that view of theological issues and the proper Christian response. This is a thorough collection of information, faithful to Scripture, written clearly and concisely by some of the best minds in Christian academia-they may stretch your vocabulary a little. The book is easy to use and rich with information.
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