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Since I've read [my] first copy of your publication until this current edition I've been blown away. As a pastor I receive a lot of magazines that promise to meet the needs of my ministry and challenge me to bigger and better things within the scope of my ministry. Blah, blah, blah and more of the corporate cum church speak is what I've been reading. Then one sunny day in the summer of this year I was blessed to discover my first copy of Pulpit Helps-although, I confess, that at the time I did not feel all that blessed. I thought, "Oh boy another magazine for preachers how unique!"

The first thing that intrigued me was that your not glossy magazine has a minimum of full-page ads from major seminaries and Bible Colleges. In fact your magazine at a cursory glance has the same look and feel as that of the grocery ads-I almost tossed it. I did not order it and yet there it was in my mailbox. To be fair, and perhaps be enlightened, I began reading it. I read that first issue and every subsequent issue from cover to cover ever since.

When I was a child there was something special about the mail box. We received letters from my father who was stationed in exotic posts around the world. He would tell us of his grand adventures and his thoughts for us. We would often get letters from our grandparents especially on our birthdays. The mailbox was a magical oracle filled with possibilities. After I grew up it became a harbinger of doom. Bills and junk mail soon changed my perspective. The mailbox went from something wonderful to something to be loathed and dreaded. That is, until it gets near the end of the month when I begin to anticipate with excitement my next copy of Pulpit Helps. 

We use the Bulletin Inserts all month long in our bulletin ministry. We even built an outside reader board to display the church sign quotes. I enjoy the thought-provoking articles and sermon outlines. I'll admit that I've used some ideas that these outlines prompted. Some of the articles, like this month's Find Time to Absorb the Word, convicted me and pulled me out of my comfort zone and enabled me rethink my Bible reading time. I could go on and on, but I'm afraid that I've already gone on much too long.

Keep up the good work. This truly is one of the best nuts and bolts of ministry publications that I've had the joy to read.  Thank you so much.

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