How Postmodernism Serves My Faith: Questioning Truth in Language, Philosophy and Art

by Howard Glass

For better or worse, postmodern thinking is here to stay. But the word means different things to different people. This book helps clarify so we can be ready when questions arise. This author acknowledges that postmodernism has a "reputation for relativism," and that harm has been done by some who embrace this new philosophy, but she sees that as fanatical excess. As the book's title suggests, she believes the helpful aspects of postmodernism will prevail. She uses some philosophical terms to teach but she defines them as she goes. Her insights and illustrations make the effort it takes to keep up worthwhile. She clearly has a sound understanding of how postmodernism differs from its predecessors and how it affects faith. Downing's work implies that the church should not rely so heavily on prevailing models and assumptions, since they are becoming less meaningful. Now that I understand it better, I realize how influential postmodernism is. I see it showing up in conversations and sermons. Though the author's purpose is to explain this new thinking, she periodically reaffirms her own trust in Christ and the Bible, stating on page 226 "To share the love of Christ, I needed to model the love of Christ-which meant meeting people on their own ground, relating to them in their positionality."
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