Cut it Straight

by Victor Knowles

The church will always need those who are able to "rightly divide the word of truth" (2  Tim. 2:15). Literally, that means "cutting it straight." We need straight-line teaching on the nature and work of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We need to cut it straight when dealing with the nature of man, the wages of sin, salvation through Christ, and the conditions of salvation. We need to have precision preaching on the church: its nature, ordinances, and work. We desperately need correct communication on abiding in Christ, separation from sin, growing in grace, and living in the light of His Second Coming.

"So we set sail from Troas and ran a straight course to Samothrace" (Acts 16:11). That is what we must do today-run a straight course. We must not veer off course. There are too many individual, marital, and congregational shipwrecks that lie in ruin on the rocks.

The greatest need of the church today is for faithful men to pass on faithful teaching from the faithful Word to other faithful men, so that the transmission of truth will continue unhindered and unsullied from this generation to the next.

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