Christian Ethics in Plain Language

by Howard Glass

Satan provides the world with an endless supply of secular propaganda. To counter that, believers must speak credibly about issues that demean people and society. For this we need a sound grasp of Christian ethics. If someone were to gather the best arguments, biblical underpinnings, and relevant statistics into an easily understood book, he would do us a great service. Kerby Anderson has done exactly that! Beginning with a brief lesson on the history of ethics, showing why the modern believer needs this training, Anderson next details the secular ethical systems (cultural relativism, utilitarianism, and situation ethics), to show their contrast to biblical principles. Then he moves on with foundational Christian ethics. Abortion, euthanasia, various sexual issues, crime and punishment, gambling, racial issues, the media, and even government and civil disobedience are a sampling of what is covered in this volume. The endnotes are many, showing it to be a heavily researched book. Over and over, as I read, I found myself nodding and thinking, "Yes, yes of course, that is the way things are." Anderson easily articulates what we know is true, things we may have heard but are not always able to summon when we need them. Should be a valuable resource for both pulpit and pew.
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