Is the Bible Intolerant?

by Glen H. Jones

The writer attempts to answer questions that trouble many today: Is the Bible intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant? Orr-Ewing makes a convincing case to answer each of the questions with a resounding, "No!" Orr-Ewing devotes over half the book to establishing the trustworthiness of the canon (both Old and New Testaments), because one cannot authoritatively answer questions about culture and morality unless we have a solid source of reference. The inspired canon provides that source of reference. The earliest fragment/copy of the New Testament dates to within fifty years of its writing. No other ancient document can boast surviving documents nearly as old as the original. Once the authority of Scripture has been established, we can see that sex and marriage were designed between one man and one woman for life. Any other sexual relationship outside of marriage bears its own seeds of unhappiness and destruction. The Bible clearly points out humanity's moral bankruptcy. God in His love provided a way for humanity to escape his own folly by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as payment for our sins. God gave us the Scriptures to guide us into a wholesome, fulfilling life, not to take away our joy of living.
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