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Error on Da Vinci

The article on page 4 [of the June issue of Pulpit Helps], "If It Were Possible" by Ted Kyle, has a glaring error in it. Page 255 of The Da Vinci Code speaks clearly of the crucifixion by claiming Mary Magdalene was pregnant at that time. Yet Mr. Kyle makes the assertion that the premise of the book is the Christ did not die on the cross. That is not the premise of the book. The premise of the book is the false claim that Christ was not divine and that His divinity was made up by Constantine. This is important because Mr. Kyle is making claim against a falsehood that is not claimed. If we as Christians are going to dispute things and make claims of knowing the truth, we had better make sure of the facts we are disputing. For this to make in into your publication in such a prominent position will undoubtedly cause some who have not read the book for whatever reason to repeat the claim that the book and movie dispute Christ's death on the cross. If this happens in the hearing of someone knowledgeable of the book, it will cause them to write off that person and their claims of truth as ignorance and propaganda. It puts a stain on the truth as truth can be no more accepted than the one proclaiming it is accepted as a valid source of truth.

Mr. Kyle's point is true about Christ and the significance of His death on the cross. But this point is lost due to the fact it springboards off of a misstatement.

I do not intend to demean Mr. Kyle. Just to remind us to be sure of what we are saying before we say it.

Pastor Shane Hart
Steubenville, OH

More Verse-by-Verse

I enjoy your magazine. Maybe you could devote more space to verse-by-verse exegesis and help explain some of them.

Rick Bollinger
Browning, IL

Editor's response: Of course verse-by-verse exegesis has long been the forte of Dr. Zodhiates, our president and chairman emeritus, whose articles have graced Pulpit Helps' columns since its inception. But there's room for more-a lot more. We would welcome a chance to see expository articles from our readers!

In this vein, Pulpit Helps this month starts a series of expository articles by John Meador, of Woodland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga. Look for it on page 7.

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Useful Every Day

I couldn't do without the good reading. They always have something that I use every day.

Betty Stewart
Norman, OK

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