Praise God's Worthship

by James L. Snyder

Any true experience with God begins in worship. The Wise men from the East fell down and worshiped the Christ child when they found Him. This is the normal response when a person encounters Christ. The word "worship" means "worthship." It is discovering the worth of something and then expressing that worth in some appropriate form. Today, people worship all kinds of things, both animate and inanimate. Whole magazines are devoted to expressing the worthship of our modern objects of worship. In these magazines, writers are expressing the worth of some particular object. Sportswriters constantly praise their favorite sports figure-a degenerate form of worship. The true essence of worship is discovering the worthship of God and then striving to give a creditable expression of that value. The very root of Christian worship is a personal encounter with God. This happens nowhere apart from the Bible, God's revealed Word to man. For the average man, God is not distinguishable outside of the Bible. As we expose ourselves to the riches of His Word, we begin to experience what those spiritual giants of long ago experienced. As we drink from the wells from which they drank, we too experience that exhilaration of spirit that sent them on to new heights of spiritual awareness. They began to know God in a more personal, intimate way. As a result, their hearts and minds were filled with thoughts expressing to God their love and appreciation for Him. From these burning hearts has come some of the richest literature known to man, apart from the Scriptures themselves. Poems, sermons, essays and books all devoted to expressing that inner appreciation they felt toward God. Worship is man expressing that reverential "AWE" felt within the heart toward God. This kind of worship focuses on Jesus Christ. "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing" (Rev. 5:12).
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