Kregel Dictionary of the Bible and Theology

by Glen H. Jones

This conservative dictionary of biblical theology gives information on more than 500 terms that are contained in Scripture. It could prove a valuable resource for students of the Word who want to know the bases for theological terms such as predestination, abortion, repentance, demons, angels, perseverance, hell, damnation, sanctification, sin, and many others. The author discusses in some detail terms such as covenant. Included in this article are discussions on covenant theology and these covenants: works, grace, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Palestinian, Davidic, and new. The article on Jesus Christ consumes seven pages. The five-page discussion on resurrections includes the resurrection of Jesus Christ, resurrection of believers, resurrection of unbelievers, and spiritual resurrection. Every article is cross-referenced with scriptural texts. Holloman discusses different facets of a doctrine on which evangelicals may not agree. The article on the rapture of the church includes remarks on pretribulation, partial, midtribulation, partial, and posttribulation rapture positions. A closely allied article on the millennium covers the postmillennial, premillennial, and amillennial positions. The writer gives a rather thorough discussion of terms related to inspiration of the Scriptures: verbal inspiration, plenary inspiration, inerrancy, and the authority of Scripture. Concerning Israel, Holloman states: "Israel is God's possession. God intended that Israel bless the world. Also, after judgment, God will punish Israel's enemies, regather her to the land, and restore Israel to blessing" (pp. 344-345).
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