O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?

by Ted Kyle

Master story-teller Calvin Miller (The Singer trilogy and many works based on the life of Jesus) weighs in on the church growth controversy-and he's not on the side of the mega churches. Miller utilizes an interesting and perhaps unique technique of blending a modern fable with pertinent real-life observations, on alternate pages throughout the slim book. The story line features Sam, a minister of a small church, who desperately wants to be a "mega-man," and is infatuated with larger-than-life Will Willington, prophet of the mega-church philosophy. In fact, as we first meet Sam, he is on the golf course, celebrating his emancipation from pastoral ministry-thanks to Willington's book, Physician Heal Thyself; How to Kiss Pastoral Care Good-bye Forever. In the process of leading Sam to follow his conscience instead of the guru regarding pastoral ministry, the author brings in a cast of fellow ministers and even the ghost of seventeenth-century Puritan Richard Baxter. It's a good read that makes some telling points about how to really measure success in the ministry.
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