The Japanese Schoolboy

by Bill Bright

A Japanese schoolboy once showed his courage in a way that puts many of us to shame. He went to a school in Nagasaki with about 150 other boys, and he was the only Christian among them all. He brought his lunch to school, as he lived at a distance. As he began to eat his lunch each day, he dared to fold his hands to pray and ask a blessing on his food. The lad had some enemies among the other boys, and they went to the schoolmaster and accused him of "doing something in the way of magic." The schoolmaster thereupon called the boy before the school and asked him what he had been doing. The little fellow spoke up bravely. He explained that he was a Christian, and that he had been thanking God and asking Him to bless the food. To the boy's surprise, the schoolmaster burst into tears, and put his head down on the desk. He then looked up. "My boy," he exclaimed, "I too am a Christian; but I was afraid to tell anyone. Now, with God's help, I will try to live as a Christian ought to live." The courage of that young man had brought conviction to the schoolmaster, had provided him an example, and had given him a new boldness. Our surveys of hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the world indicate that most Christians do not witness because of their fear. They are intimidated by what appear to be giants and mountains of unbelief around them. But as Goliath fell before a little shepherd-boy David, the giants of unbelief will fall before us if we will just be strong in the Lord "Be strong with the Lord's mighty power" (Eph. 6:10, NLT). How can we be strong and courageous in the Lord, and witness without fear? Not by our own power, but in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can enable us to overcome fear. As we claim the promises of God and appropriate the fullness and power of His Holy Spirit, we can have courage and be able to do what God wants us to do in boldly reaching out to others.
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