The Expositional Church

by John Meador

One of the great strengths of an expositional church is the consistent diet of God's Word. This means that we cover all the words of Scripture in a way that honors the text itself, remains within the original context in which the passage was written, and allows every word of Scripture to speak for itself. We believe people are far more interested in hearing what God has clearly said than they are with hearing what someone says that God may have said. In other words, if the words of Scripture are truly inspired by God, why would we sacrifice THAT kind of content with creative communication that talks "around the words" without actually focusing on them?

While the ideas of the Bible are inspired, the actual words that were written are equally inspired. Therefore, not only is what God says important, but the way in which He says it is equally important. To focus on this kind of teaching is to help people become biblically literate and to help them learn to discover God's truth for themselves. You'll remember what God says to you in a personal encounter with Him far longer than you'll remember what a preacher—any preacher—may say. Part of the aim of the expositional church is to encourage people to discover truth for themselves and to exhort them in personal discovery of God's voice through the Bible.

There are weeks when the text surprises me with what it says and times when I am overwhelmed with the truths I discover. The entire Bible is the infinite source of daily wisdom. Let me encourage you to plunge into it and to make the discovery of a lifetime.

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