Raising the Standard

by Glen H. Jones

The reason the organized church does not more radically impact society stems from the pervasive lack of believers' commitment to personal righteousness. That is the thesis of Wayne Edwards who states, "The reason our worldly culture has made more difference in the church than the church has made in the culture can only be explained by the lack of God's presence, and therefore, His power in our worship services" (p. 111). Edwards points out that people are leaving mainline churches in droves. "Why?" he asks. The author believes that thousands no longer see churches upholding high moral standards, teaching strong biblical doctrines, and worshiping a holy God in spirit and in truth. Some religious leaders even teach that Jesus is not the only way of salvation. The author sees unreservedly serving God as a two-sided coin. Negatively, we are not to love this world system, which taps our spiritual strength. Positively, we are to love a holy, righteous God with all of our being. When one shuns this world system and loves God totally, he will love his neighbor as himself. Our neighbor, Jesus said, is one who has a need and whom we have the ability to help. All of us have more of these neighbors than we care to admit. Believers need to cultivate more love for their church and for the Word of God. The church, of course, is neither a building nor meetings. The church is the people of God. One undeniable characteristic of believers is that they love one another. When believers who love one another meet as the church, they can worship a holy God and study the life-giving Scriptures.
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