Exploring the Epistles of Peter

by Glen H. Jones

Renowned Bible teacher John Phillips has written an expositional commentary on the often-misunderstood books of 1 and 2 Peter. Peter wrote his two letters to Jews and Gentiles who were spread throughout Asia Minor (modern Turkey). These believers were undergoing severe persecution that had begun shortly before the Jewish revolt and subsequent destruction of Jerusalem. Phillips gives us background information on the personal life of Peter and on the Roman world. As with his other commentaries, the author provides a detailed outline of the biblical book he is discussing. Peter reminds his readers, Phillips says, that they are only pilgrims, living temporally on this earth. Our ultimate home awaits the Second Coming of Christ. The present persecutions are used to purify our faith. As a newborn baby lives on milk, so the Christian seeks to grow in grace by feeding on the Word. In the first letter Peter reminds believers of several things. We are to live exemplary lives. The husband is head of the home; he is to love his wife and respect her. The wife submits to her husband's leadership as Sarah did to her husband Abraham. In Peter's second letter he exhorts his readers to continue in the grace of Christ and live lives worthy of His name. Peter reminds us that the Word we follow has been given to us by the Holy Spirit and is dependable. Peter then turns his attention to apostasy. The people in Noah's day did not believe that judgment was coming until it destroyed them with the Flood. The Lord God will once again visit the earth with judgment. The earth will be renovated with fire. All the sin, decay, and injustice will be burned up. In the meantime Christians will suffer the blasphemies of the evil and ungodly, just as Lot did before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Target: All Type: Commentary Take: Highly Recommended
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