American Idols: the Worship of the American Dream

by Howard Glass

Josh McDowell wrote the forward for this book, reminding people how God feels about idols and pointing out that modern idols are every bit as dangerous as the ancient ones. No one is shocked by the notion that Americans have idols. What escapes us is how numerous and ingrained they are in the body of Christ. Using the popular television show American Idol as a touchstone, Hostetler gives these false gods names and definitions, points out the danger they present, and then provides practical steps one can take to become free from them. With the keen edge of Scripture, guided by wisdom drawn from solid Christian resources, he flays the ungodly mindsets that dominate mainstream culture. Pastors arrayed against these idols will find insights and anecdotes to give their sermons greater clout. While browsing the contents I encountered the usual suspects: Sensuality, Appearance, Money, and Celebrity. I found chapter 8, "The Cult of Personal Experience," an exposition I have been craving for decades. Initially, I doubted some of his subjects, such as Choice and Busyness. He made me see. Hostetler avoids any trace of rancor toward the culture that competes with him for souls, opting instead to allow one of the competitors from the television show to share his feelings when the idol Celebrity left him abandoned and sorrowful. A guide for finding a church that is right for you ends the book. I am eager to use this in Sunday school and I understand Hostetler is posting study materials, free for the downloading, on his Website,
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