The Shepherd's Covenant for Pastors

by Glen H. Jones

Leadership, especially pastoral leadership, centers on G. R. A. C. E. This acrostic-Genuine accountability, Right relationships, A servant shepherd's heart, Constant safeguards, Embrace God intimately-capsulizes the contents of this little book. In a series of short essays London and Wiseman present practical advice to pastors on accountability, pastoral care, personal character, and spiritual development. Believers, including pastors, should develop an accountability partner. This person should be another man who can keep confidences and can genuinely share strengths and weaknesses of the pastor. Finding one in the congregation may be difficult; the pastor may have to enlist a confidant outside his own church. The pastor must genuinely love his church members. Most members are easy to love, but some are not. Pastors must exhibit the love of Christ to all, even when it is very difficult. Preach and practice love. Tell the church you love being their pastor. Thank them for loving you. Servants of God must avoid all suggestions of evil. Pastors must guard against any hint of immorality, materialism, or other evil desires. The man of God must strive for moderation and balance in his conduct. He must adopt a code of unimpeachable conduct and constantly guard against any violation of his own integrity. The most essential ingredient of a pastor's life is a living connection with God Himself. The minister must carefully maintain his own spiritual life. Prayer, Bible study, and worship represent the core of the pastor's communion with the Spirit of God.
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