Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically

by Glen H. Jones

This volume complements two previous books produced by John MacArthur and the faculty of the Master's Seminary. The theme underlying the essays of this book projects the importance of the pastor as spiritual leader. Pastoral ministry begins with the realization that God through His Holy Spirit has called one into Christ's service. In his essay, "The Call to Pastoral Ministry," James M. George lists four criteria as an indication of a call to pastoral service: 1) confirmation by God and godly leaders that this man has a place of service, 2) the man has qualities of spiritual leadership, 3) the man has a deep longing to serve in the pastorate, and 4) the man must have a life characterized by moral integrity. Pastoral candidates must receive training in systematic and biblical theology. They must acquire facility in biblical languages and in sermon preparation. They must learn to teach with authority, preach with passion, and guard the flock with compassion. Several chapters deal with the pastor's personal spiritual life, his prayer habits, and his home life. David C. Deuel has written a helpful essay entitled, "The Pastor's Compassion for People." He states, "But the pastor who maintains his relationship with the Chief Shepherd will have resources to love God's people sacrificially" (186). One-half of the book suggests practical advice to pastors on a wide range of subjects: the biblical pattern for worship, content and style of preaching, living and exuding the Christ life, leadership qualities, and evangelism. The pastor must also teach and warn and guard his flock (including church discipline).
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