Making a Difference

by Bob Gerow

My sick little boy had no chance in life, because I couldn't afford to put him in school or take him to the doctor. He started attending the AMG Center when he was three years old. Now he is 18 and studying to be an accountant! He would never have gone to school if it weren't for AMG. I am so thankful to God for how AMG gave my little boy a chance."

The Saul Cantaral community in Lima, Peru, is a pocket of poverty in a big city. It is "home" to more than 2,000 families. AMG Child Development Center in Cantaral is making life-long changes.

Where children used to go to bed without much to eat, they now receive a hot, nutritious noon meal every day.

Where children had no access to even basic education, they now attend classes, receive help with their schoolwork and Bible instruction!

Where children often go without even basic health care or clothing, they are well cared for, receive medical attention, and are clothed.

Where parents struggled to provide for their children's basic needs, they can now place their children in the AMG Child Development Center and know their child's needs are provided.

The AMG Center in Cantaral currently serves 150 children. The ministry is being run out of a building with no electricity, few windows, a water supply that can barely be called "running water," and the most rudimentary "kitchen" you can imagine.

But ministry is not about buildings, but about people.  Let me introduce you to a few of the people who responded to God's tug on their heart and headed into the unknown:

Consider the staff at the center, whose hearts have been moved with divine compassion. They serve cheerfully with what they have. Day after day they cook, teach, and do whatever else it takes to make a difference.

Ministry is about the physician who left a lucrative surgical practice for a couple of weeks to provide his services in a faraway place—without the attendants, surgery suites and all the tools of his trade.

Ministry is about the college student who for the first time saw how "the rest of the world lives." In a poverty-stricken neighborhood she began to understand the fear and hopelessness that often haunt these children and families.

Ministry is about the high-school senior for whom the pictures of poverty and devastation she had seen on TV, now became offering a cup of water to a small child in Jesus' name.

Ministry is also about individuals who, though they cannot drop everything and leave, still respond with what they have—prayer and sponsorship that undergirds any meaningful work for the Lord.

The difference these folks make is astounding. Children get a jump-start on a productive life, families get introduced to the love of God, short-term missionaries get a first-hand experience of God's grace, and the God we all serve is honored with the joy of seeing His will accomplished.

In decades of ministry in childcare centers around the globe, AMG has seen that touching a child's life makes an immense difference. We are now learning that the impact on those who serve can be equally life changing.

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